Grand Prix des Vins de la ville de Cestas

Following the cancellation of the European Championship, the Grand Prix des Vins is postponed to a later date.

Grand Prix des Vins1 de la Ville de Cestas

Grand Prix des Vins 2020

The saturday 16 and sunday 17 of May 2020, on 8 DTL lines, we organize the 100 clays Cestas Wine Grand Prix.

Inscription fare

  • 65€ for Ladies,
  • 70€ for Séniors, Veteran (> 55yo), Super-V (>65yo), 

The inscriptions may be done on the following page where you can choose your competition day2

The win prices and the competition regulation are described in the following paragraphs.

You can dowload the poster here

1All the wines are controlled designation of origin Médoc
As the shooter number is limited for each day, we reserve the right to close registrations beyond this number.

Win prices

Based on the DTL ranking, the winning series are
  • Ladies
  • Seniors Serie 1 (S1&SF)
  • Seniors Serie 2
  • Seniors Serie 3 (S3&S4)
  • Veterans
  • Super Veterans and Masters

For each of these series, will be rewarded 1 :
  1. the First one with a Balthazar - 12 liters Medoc wine bottle,
  2. the Second one with a Salmanazar - 9 liter Medoc wine bottle,
  3. the Third one with a Impériale - 6 liter Medoc wine bottle

Scratch classification all series combined 1 

  1. the First one will receive a Melchior - 18 liter Medoc wine bottle,
  2. the Second one will receive a Nabuchodonosor - 15 liter Medoc wine bottle,
  3. the Third one will receive a Balthazar - 12 liter Medoc wine bottle.

The other unclassified adult competitors will receive a Double Magnum - 3 liter Medoc Wine bottle.

1 In the event that one of the 3 Scratch or Series winners is not of age, he will be awarded an equivalent prize in cartridges.

2020 Grand Prix des Vins Regulations

The competition takes place over 4 series of 25 clays with counting on the clay and which must be drawn in their entirety either on Saturday the 16th between 9h and 18h, or on Sunday the 17th between 9h and 17h. In these time slots, the firing sequence (time and order of shooting) is left free to each shooter. All series not started in these time slots will be counted zero.

The 3 Scratch winners come out of their respective categories for their classification. Each winner can therefore only receive one lot.

In case of equality of results for the first 3 in the Scratch and for each Series, a jump-off will be organized on Sunday the 17th from 5 p.m. on a series of 25 clays counted in point (3, 2, 0). At the end of this jump-off, the ties will be decided by a series of "sudden death" counted at the point with direct elimination at the same number of clays drawn.

The 8 lines are settled for the DTL discipline in accordance with the regulations of the European Championship which will take place from the following 21 to 24 May. For this Grand Prix des Vins and in accordance with the configuration of our stand, our 8 lines are divided into 2 categories:
  • Category 1 for lines A, C, E and G
  • Category 2 for lines B, D, F et H
The 4 series of each participant must be drawn from 4 different lines, including two from category 1 and two from category 2, the choice and order of shooting of the lines being left free to each shooter.

In summary
  • 2-day competition, either Saturday or Sunday
  • 4 series of 25 DTL clays with clay counting
  • 2 series on 2 different lines among pits A, C, E or G
  • 2 series on 2 different lines among pits B, D, F ou H
  • For this competition, the 3 Scratch winners, leave their respective category for the classification of this one.


Grand Prix des Vins 2020